Tata Taxi: India's First Stretch Limousine

India's Tata motors isn't hanging back while other carmakers are creating hyper-luxury limousines for the world's well-heeled maharajas. Well, maybe a little. But that's quite all right, because Tata's new Indigo XL is for the less-demonstrative playah — the kind who digs his DVDs, but who's looking to save some… » 1/19/07 10:58am 1/19/07 10:58am

Chrysler to Show 300C Long Wheelbase Custom at SEMA

Among Chrysler's SEMA show cars this year will be a rocked-out version of the 300C Long Wheelbase it's calling the Pullman. Recalling the Pullmann Mercedes W100s of the 1960s, a favorite of Hugh Hefner and South American puppet dictators alike, the Pullman features rear suicide doors, two sunroofs, chrome dubba-dubs,… » 10/27/06 9:49am 10/27/06 9:49am

Chrysler to Introduce Long-Wheelbase 300C Today

Word just came down on Firehouse.biz, Chrysler Group's press blog, that the company will introduce a long-wheelbase version of the 300C at 1:00pm today. It's got six-inches of extra length, which allows for more legroom in the rear, or for well, you know. [UPDATE: Full press release after the jump.]

» 3/27/06 12:30pm 3/27/06 12:30pm