Holy Crap That Bed Bug Car Fire Was Huge

Remember that story yesterday about the guy who set three cars on fire, because he suspected one of them had bed bugs? You know the guy, the one who doused everything in alcohol? You thought we were joking about that “dramatic re-enactment” photo we used. Well, looking at video of the real thing, we weren’t that far… »4/16/15 7:15pm4/16/15 7:15pm


Bullrun 2007: Mother's Day Morning Running With The Bulls

We made it out of Boston this Mother's Day morning at what seemed like the crack o' dawn. In reality, it was like 9:00 AM. It just felt much earlier due to the pounding headache from the debauchery of the night prior but whatevs, as you can see — by the time the Team #70 Escalade made it to the lineup, we were already… »5/13/07 7:58pm5/13/07 7:58pm