Of Course Those German Minis At The Olympics Are Advertising

No advertisements or logos are allowed in the Olympics, yet big-time sponsor BMW gets to hustle Minis all through the throwing events with their R/C retriever cars. The Olympic Committee claims this isn't advertising, which is total bullshit. » 8/09/12 3:30pm 8/09/12 3:30pm

Meet The Ultra Badass Qatari Skeet Shooting, Olympic Medal Earning,…

Nasser Al-Attiyah isn't a name known by millions of adoring fans. People don't scream when he gets off a plane in a new city. He has an Olympic medal but his poster isn't on the walls of children everywhere. He doesn't have the paparazzi following him everywhere he goes. » 8/02/12 2:00pm 8/02/12 2:00pm

The First Winner Of The 1904 Olympic Marathon Used A Car, The Second…

You know what the Olympic Marathon event is missing? Cars. Cars would really add that extra oomph to the event. This glaring omission hasn't always been the case, though: in 1904, a runner named Fred Lorz used one to ride about 11 miles of the marathon. » 7/25/12 12:00pm 7/25/12 12:00pm

London Olympics Gets A Double Decker Bus That Does Push-Ups

Czech artist David Cerny has managed to make an object that, when you look at it, immediately conveys the concepts of "London" and "athletics." Which is handy, since he made it for the London Olympics. The sculpture, a full-sized '57 Austin Roadmaster double-decker bus outfitted with huge red arms, is currently outside the … » 7/24/12 2:40pm 7/24/12 2:40pm