Project Honda Logo: Conceptual Design And Interior Modification

Some cars are meant to be driven as is. Modifications should be minimal, if even present. Some are meant to be restored to former glory. Some are meant to be returned to original condition for the purposes of flipping. But some cars are meant to become experiments, concept cars even. I consider my Honda Logo TS to be… » 4/19/15 10:55am 4/19/15 10:55am

Toyota's Logo Betrays Plan To Assimilate World

While we were cooing like babies over loud noises and airborne explosions, Toyota's official Open Road Blog spent some time navel-gazing over the long holiday weekend. The lint ball of choice was the Toyota logo and the company's official version of what it means. Yes, friends, it appears they plan to take over the… » 7/07/08 7:07am 7/07/08 7:07am