L.A. Police Chase Results In Live, Televised Gunfight

A man police say is suspected of kidnapping led Los Angeles officers on a chase through south L.A. before stepping out of his car and firing a handgun at cops—before taking a barrage of return fire and seeking cover. All four Los Angeles major network affiliates covered the battle live—despite policies that recommend… » 3/13/15 9:11pm 3/13/15 9:11pm

A Guy Ordering A Fish Sandwich Is Not The Strangest Thing In This Video

Traffic Jam Jimmy of WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore, BALTIMORE'S NEWS LEADER, is a traffic man of the people. And you know that, because when weather reporter Candace Dold tosses to him for a traffic update, he's going through the McDonald's Drive-Thru. And weirder yet, the station just keeps going with it. » 3/06/15 5:20pm 3/06/15 5:20pm

Local Daytona News Station Thinks It's Really Cold Outside

Sure, if you're used to warmer temperatures, you're going to be downright miserable if temperatures dip anywhere close to freezing outside. To everyone outside Daytona, we're just looking at this news report in awe and wonder. Last night was supposed to dip down to 28. Double digits! » 2/20/15 10:22am 2/20/15 10:22am

Live Report On Dangerous Driving Conditions Interrupted By Car Wreck

These two reporters from Burlington's WPTZ had an especially exciting live shot this evening when their live report on dangerous Vermont driving conditions included an unscheduled demonstration. » 2/02/15 5:43pm 2/02/15 5:43pm

Snake Attacks Cars During Flood, Car Attacks And Kills Snake On Live TV

Sad news to report out of Katy, Texas, where a local TV station was reporting on a flooded road and a snake trying to dodge traffic/kill tires. The snake was actually doing OK until it met a Chevy Malibu, which promptly attacked the snake. And it was all captured on video. » 5/27/14 3:42pm 5/27/14 3:42pm

Street Racers Torch SUV In The Name Of Reporter Who Hates Them

You'll start this video for the hooning, you'll stay for the hilariously cliche narration about a "sideshow" hating reporter. » 4/01/14 1:36pm 4/01/14 1:36pm

Watch Ron Burgundy Anchor An Actual Newscast In North Dakota

There's a new Anchorman movie coming out, which means Will Ferrell is making the rounds in character—ranging from Dodge ads to Canadian curling coverage. Tonight, he dropped by the studios of KXMB in Bismarck, North Dakota to co-anchor the CBS affiliate's broadcast following the Alabama-Auburn game. Here are some of… » 12/01/13 1:10pm 12/01/13 1:10pm

Producer Fired Over “Ho Lee Fuk” Prank Says His Reputation Is “Intack”

That incredible prank that snookered a Bay Area television station into reporting names like "Sum Ting Wong" and "Ho Lee Fuk" as the flight crew of that downed Asiana airplane? It cost three producers at KTVU in the Bay Area their jobs. TheWrap reached out to all three. One of them responded. » 7/26/13 1:56pm 7/26/13 1:56pm

Local News Crew Refuses to Help Driver After Cop Goes Ballistic On Him

When the above footage was posted on the website and social media properties of West Virginia's WVNS-TV (channel 59) earlier this week, it caused such outrage that it was almost immediately pulled. » 7/12/13 9:59am 7/12/13 9:59am

Detroit Reporter Mocks Absurd Police Response Time in Dramatic Fashion

In an effort to demonstrate just how ridiculous police response times are in Detroit, intrepid Motor City field reporter Charlie LeDuff applied his famous flair for the dramatic an experiment involving an actual report of a serious crime possibly still in progress. » 7/08/13 1:08pm 7/08/13 1:08pm

Arizona Man Gives the Best Description of a Car Crash Ever

A Phoenix man became trapped inside his SUV on Thursday after he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over and strike a utility pole. In the process, the driver rear-ended another vehicle driven by a man named George Lindell, who later described the events to local Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV in this amazing… » 9/16/11 5:22am 9/16/11 5:22am

TV Reporter Gives Hurricane Irene Update While Covered in Toxic Waste

Below is a video of WTTG's Tucker Barnes casually giving a live report on Hurricane Irene today from Ocean City, Maryland while drenched in what he described as "organic matter" that "doesn't taste great." I wonder why it didn't taste great? » 8/28/11 12:52am 8/28/11 12:52am