Local Motors Is Building A Rally Fighter With A Crazy 600 Horsepower

Here are some words that no one has ever used to describe a Local Motors Rally Fighter: "boring." "Pedestrian." "Yawn." And to make sure it stays that way , Local Motors has decided to stuff a supercharger under the already souped-up hood, so now your desert racer can be propelled by 600 ponies. » 10/26/13 3:21pm 10/26/13 3:21pm

Once Upon A Time In Baja: Rally Fighter Goes Off-Road

We've seen the crowd-sourced Local Motors Rally Fighter up close and moving across the SEMA show floor. But we haven't seen it off-road. Until now... and it's epic. Bonus — Gipsy Kings covering "Hotel California" en Español. Awesome. Do want. » 12/10/09 9:00am 12/10/09 9:00am