Audi To Let Any Slob Race An R8 LMS On The 'Ring

Forget driving a Chevy Volt at Milford, how about an Audi R8 LMS race car in a race! Audi is offering customers the opportunity to drive factory-backed R8s in races backed by professional racing teams — for a price. » 5/06/10 10:30am 5/06/10 10:30am

Peugeot Sport Reveals 908 HDi FAP Hybrid

Based on the race-proven 908 HDi » 9/15/08 12:40pm 9/15/08 12:40pm LMP racer, the new Peugeot 908 HY adds electric power to the already potent mix in the form of an 80 HP gear-driven electric motor/generator that replaces the starter motor on the standard car. Juice is stored in 10 lithium-ion battery packs strategically placed in several locations to…