Watch The Navy's Littoral Combat Ship Get Hammered By Heavy Seas

USS Fort Worth LCS-3 hit some rough seas on its way to South Korea to take part in the annual Foal Eagle joint military exercises. It is tough to tell exactly what sea state the Navy's second 387 foot long Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship was transiting through, or how fast it was going, but it sure looks like one… » 3/05/15 8:48am 3/05/15 8:48am

Navy To Call Embattled Littoral Combat Ships Frigates Because Marketing 

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus thinks that the Littoral Combat Ships are so 'misunderstood,' not for the litany of documented issues, including the ship's lacks offensive punch, inability defend itself against any robust aerial threat, the fact that it is way behind schedule and has major quality issues or that it is not… » 1/15/15 5:05pm 1/15/15 5:05pm

End Of The 'Ghetto Navy' Is In Sight As Last USN Frigate Cruise Begins

It is a bitter sweet moment in the annals of US Naval history-the USS Kauffman FFG-59, has set sail on its last cruise, which will also be the last time any US Navy Frigate does so. Once she returns in six months, after almost 40 years of service, the Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates will be officially retired,… » 1/10/15 9:03am 1/10/15 9:03am

Pentagon Decides To Build An Even More Confused Littoral Combat Ship

The Littoral Combat Ship saga has been just another reminder of the Pentagon's chaotic and illogical procurement strategy. Now, after studying alternatives to the over-sized jet boat after deciding that it was a indeed a flawed concept, the DoD has come up with the laughable decision to build a more complicated and… » 12/17/14 4:12pm 12/17/14 4:12pm