Kiwi Driver Wins Five-Year Battle With Police

As if getting thwacked by a speeding police van wasn't bad enough, Steve Brown of Auckland, New Zealand was charged with careless driving despite making a legal maneuver. The police investigated and initially offered to just forget the whole thing, admitting there was no blame, but he was eventually fined for poor… » 11/09/07 4:30pm 11/09/07 4:30pm

Father of Teen Killed In TN Pro-Mod Accident Sues

The father of fifteen-year-old Scarlett Replogle — killed in the Selmer, Tennesee accident when Troy Critchley's Pro Mod got out of line during an exhibition burnout at the Cars for Kids charity event earlier this month — is suing for 2.5 million dollars in compensatory damages, on top of $7.5 mil in punitive… » 6/27/07 8:15pm 6/27/07 8:15pm

Morley Family Releases Statement Post-Gumball Verdict

The Morley family has a released a statement of facts regarding the Macedonian trial of Nicholas Morley, which seems to jibe with what we've sussed ourselves about what went down the day before the 2007 Gumball 3000 came apart at the seams. According to the original accident investigator on the scene, as well as an… » 6/11/07 12:45pm 6/11/07 12:45pm

London Man's Bristol Accidentally Crushed by Authorities

Crikey, Humbert! Golly, Gumpert! Fackin' feck, Q-bert! 51-year-old Mendoza Stewart purchased a '72 Bristol 411 a few years ago. In 2004, he parked it in a legal spot near his home in Kennington, only to find that it had been hauled off by the council and then removed from the flatbed with a mechanical claw,… » 4/11/07 7:45pm 4/11/07 7:45pm

Fiat Considering Lawsuit Against Great Wall

The bosses at Fiat are apparently none too pleased with the wily copycats over at Great Wall. The Chinese automaker has aroused the Italians' ire with it's new Peri, which Fiat claims is a virtual copy of its Panda subcompact, and is threatening legal action. Great Wall's got 90 dealerships in the European nation,… » 12/12/06 4:15pm 12/12/06 4:15pm

Swede Found Dirty: Stefan Eriksson Gets Three in the Hoosegow

It looks like the sad, sordid tale of the Brokeback Enzo (which two of the So-Cal Jalops attempted to find the death-site of a week or so ago after failing miserably back in March), is over. Fat Stefan scored hisself a three-year sentence on embezzlement and firearms charges, to be served concurrently with his… » 11/07/06 9:45pm 11/07/06 9:45pm

Nuts to You, Motorists! Tow Yards in Texas Not Refunding Money

This crap makes our blood boil. We've been wrongfully towed, but due to lack of funds and time, we never pursued the issue. We were once rightfully towed as well, due to confusion about street signage. And we've been towed twice due to our vehicle being stolen. And let us tell you this: regardless of circumstances,… » 7/13/06 7:00pm 7/13/06 7:00pm

Unsafe at High Speed: Porsche Sued by Widow

We think this is a bigger pile of crap than hundreds of Opel Kadetts stacked into a replica of the tower of Babel. The widow of a man killed in an on-track accident as a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT is suing the car's driver, the track (California Speedway) and Porsche over his death. Bear in mind, the driver… » 5/16/06 4:57pm 5/16/06 4:57pm

Hairdresser on Fire. Or, Don't Mess with Skip Barber

Uff da! Puerto Rican guy Victor Gonzalez apparently got into a number of wrecks in cars belonging to the Skip Barber Racing School. What's more, he signed a waiver holding him responsible for $5k of damage in each wreck, regardless of whether it's his fault. And he's yet to pay up. Needless to say, the Skips and… » 2/27/06 6:22pm 2/27/06 6:22pm

Dividing the Conqueror: US Firm Suing Toyota Over Hybrid Patents

Ruh roh. Solomon Technologies, Inc. has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, saying that Toyota's infringed on its patents regarding the hybrid systems in both the Prius and Highlander. If the ITC rules in Solomon's favor, it could stop the import of both vehicles into the US. Needless to say,… » 1/13/06 2:27pm 1/13/06 2:27pm

Are '99-01 Explorer Roofs Below Federal Strength Standards?

That's what SAFE Research, a group that specializes in litigation against automakers is contending, at least. Ford says that SAFE is drawing their conclusions documents written about a prototype Explorer that never made it to the public, while SAFE maintains that changes made to the last three model years of the 2nd… » 11/21/05 5:15pm 11/21/05 5:15pm

California Residents: Sue The Rental Comapanies!

Dear Californians: imagine being stuck at the Avis counter in a city you hate during the holidays. Say like, oh, we don't know...Birmingham, Alabama. So say you're stuck at the Avis counter in the 'Ham, and the car you reserved is nowhere in sight. No recourse, right? Go somewhere else, waste time, rent a more… » 11/17/05 5:47pm 11/17/05 5:47pm

Former SF Tow Company Settles Fraud Suit

City Tow, the company that handled San Francisco's towing contract until 2003, has seettled for 5.7 million dollars in a fraud case, without admission of wrongdoing. Frankly, we find SF's towing policy rather ridiculous, as we were charged out the wazoo to have our vehicle towed about three miles and stored for an… » 11/10/05 12:29pm 11/10/05 12:29pm