Morley Family Releases Statement Post-Gumball Verdict

The Morley family has a released a statement of facts regarding the Macedonian trial of Nicholas Morley, which seems to jibe with what we've sussed ourselves about what went down the day before the 2007 Gumball 3000 came apart at the seams. According to the original accident investigator on the scene, as well as an… »6/11/07 12:45pm6/11/07 12:45pm

Swede Found Dirty: Stefan Eriksson Gets Three in the Hoosegow

It looks like the sad, sordid tale of the Brokeback Enzo (which two of the So-Cal Jalops attempted to find the death-site of a week or so ago after failing miserably back in March), is over. Fat Stefan scored hisself a three-year sentence on embezzlement and firearms charges, to be served concurrently with his… »11/07/06 9:45pm11/07/06 9:45pm

Nuts to You, Motorists! Tow Yards in Texas Not Refunding Money

This crap makes our blood boil. We've been wrongfully towed, but due to lack of funds and time, we never pursued the issue. We were once rightfully towed as well, due to confusion about street signage. And we've been towed twice due to our vehicle being stolen. And let us tell you this: regardless of circumstances,… »7/13/06 7:00pm7/13/06 7:00pm

Dividing the Conqueror: US Firm Suing Toyota Over Hybrid Patents

Ruh roh. Solomon Technologies, Inc. has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, saying that Toyota's infringed on its patents regarding the hybrid systems in both the Prius and Highlander. If the ITC rules in Solomon's favor, it could stop the import of both vehicles into the US. Needless to say,… »1/13/06 2:27pm1/13/06 2:27pm