The 1000 Kilometers Of Palanga Is A Crazy Road Course With Freeway Exits

We have plenty of famous street circuits in racing, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the 1000 km of Palanga. It’s not just a street course. It’s a course made entirely out of a Lithuanian freeway, complete with off-ramps worked into the course design itself. Take a look at this bizarre race.
»7/18/15 6:32pm7/18/15 6:32pm


Lithuanian Driver Discovers An Ingenious Method For Clearing Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic, when you are speeding along for no reason, and traffic consists of just two cars ahead of you, is the worst. But what if, and I'm just putting this out there, what if you could use your tiny little Ford Fiesta as a crazed battering ram? What if, indeed, said this bizarre Lithuanian driver. »4/01/14 3:20pm4/01/14 3:20pm

Ah, The Joys of Vodka: Lithuanian Pedestrian Defies Death, Incites Angst

Pain, pain on the Baltic. How to drown such existential ache out? With distilled spirits of grain or potate, of course. Then, when numbed to one's desired level of comfort, it's time to head home and pass out on a soft, warm bed of Khruschev-era surplus straw mattress in a tepid-water flat. But how to cross the… »12/28/06 11:30pm12/28/06 11:30pm

Lithuanian Drunk Driver Nailed for 18 Times the Legal Limit

Let us preface this post by saying we wish we were Lithuanian so we could have a wonderful Lithuanian name. Alas, the closest we ever got was going to school with Amanda Zibners, who is half-Latvian. Which is to say, we didn't get close at all. Vidmantas Sungaila was pulled over 60 miles from Vilnius for driving down… »5/23/06 9:00pm5/23/06 9:00pm