Check Your Pulse for $22,900!

While the news this week has been all about Saab possibly going tits-up, Nice Price or Crack Pipe thinks that the Born from Jets car maker wouldn't be so screwed if they had built something like today's candidate. » 12/24/09 7:00am 12/24/09 7:00am

1986 Owosso Pulse Litestar, Coke-Fueled Tron Nightmares Not Included

The possibility of a 2010 VW 1-Liter is neat and all, but it doesn't have quite enough jet-fighter appeal to seems more Flight of the Navigator than Top Gun. So what's the discerning tandem-seating aficionado to do? Why, hop on board with the Owosso Pulse Litestar of course. This Yamaha 400 CC 4-stroke powered… » 7/01/08 4:40pm 7/01/08 4:40pm