Your Favorite Cars With Sub-1.0 Liter Engines

Mine? My Autobianchi A112 of course, with its mighty 965cc four-cylinder engine and 48 horsepower attacking the 145/70 tires. What a shame it's not the Zagato version! » 8/15/13 3:05pm 8/15/13 3:05pm

The Most Beautiful But Useless Car Design Cues

Car designers usually have their hands tied by engineers and the bean counting department. If they don't, beautiful things can happen. » 8/02/13 1:13pm 8/02/13 1:13pm

The Best SUVs Of All Time

I don't like SUVs. I don't like the compromises that come with choosing one over a wagon or a proper off-roader, and I don't like their size. However, I do like the classic Range Rover very-very much indeed, so there's always an exception. » 7/22/13 2:00pm 7/22/13 2:00pm

Ten Affordable Dream Cars

In case you weren't old or rich enough to buy your dream car when it was new, have no fear. The second hand market is full of our favorites at a bargain price! So what are you waiting for? » 7/01/13 11:05am 7/01/13 11:05am

The Best Rockstar Cars

Rockstars have cool guitars, awesome jackets, and STDs unknown to most of us. When it comes to cars, they need something just as hard. ZZ Top got that. It's called Eliminator, and it's a custom 1933 Ford. » 6/28/13 12:34pm 6/28/13 12:34pm

Ten New Cars That Could Last For 3 Million Miles

Three million miles, or 4.82 million kilometers in case you live in the metric part of the world. That's more than six times to the Moon and back. Quite a lot to ask from a car, isn't it? » 6/20/13 11:08am 6/20/13 11:08am

Cars That Should Have Been Offered As Wagons

We love wagons and we want to see more of them on the road instead of SUVs and bloated crossovers. Unfortunately, car makers are often afraid that the wagon body style won't sell well while driving up manufacturing costs. » 6/19/13 2:13pm 6/19/13 2:13pm

Ten Automotive Moments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Car theft. Car crashes. Loss, paralysis, death. The car world is a dangerous place. But every once in a while, something happens that not only restores your faith in car people, but restores your faith in mankind. These are the moments that will make you giddy with joy. » 6/17/13 11:09am 6/17/13 11:09am

Ten Cars You Should Absolutely Never Modify

Some cars are so historic and so magnificent that modifications would only deface their perfection. Here's our guide to not ruining cars that don't need your ideas or input. » 6/14/13 11:01am 6/14/13 11:01am

The Ultimate Wedding Cars

You're getting married. It's a pretty important step, and you want things to work out. Also, you want to leave the ceremony in style. This is where the car comes in. » 6/13/13 2:47pm 6/13/13 2:47pm

The Ten Fakest Movie Cars Ever Made

Movie cars are usually fake because using originals would be too expensive or totally unacceptable from a gearhead point of view. There's nothing wrong with that as long as it's done right. Here are ten notorious copycats you might not have known about. » 6/13/13 11:23am 6/13/13 11:23am

Ten Future Technologies That Will Revolutionize Your Next Car

We want a lot from our future cars. We want power with efficiency. More features and less distractions. Complex components that are easier to use. These are the ten tech innovations that will revolutionize the way we drive. » 6/12/13 11:11am 6/12/13 11:11am

Ten Lessons You Can Learn From Your Car

Cars play an important role in our lives, and since we spend a lot of time with them, it's only natural that we learn a lot from the ownership. » 6/07/13 11:28am 6/07/13 11:28am

The Ten Weirdest Ways To Get Kicked Off A Plane

There are way too many rules we have to follow when flying, especially since 9/11. If you don't follow them, you're off that plane. Not to mention the handcuffs. But there are dumb ways to get ejected and awesomely dumb ways. » 6/06/13 11:00am 6/06/13 11:00am

The Best Anniversary Car Specials

2013 is an important year in the calendar of quite a few carmakers. That's why Lamborghini started celebrating it's fiftieth birthday by turning carbon fiber into purified lunacy with the Veneno. They're not the only ones. » 6/05/13 1:30pm 6/05/13 1:30pm

How To Pronounce The Hardest Automotive Words

The automotive world is full of foreign words. Italians, Germans, French and all the rest came up with stuff that had to be translated to English. Now, it only takes a little effort to learn the proper pronunciation, and since Top Gear won't help you with that, we will! » 6/05/13 11:09am 6/05/13 11:09am

The World's Ten Most Remote Airports

Humans like to be able to reach every point of the planet, don't we? That sometimes means going by car or, even, by foot with a machete. To go further into the globe we still have to use some trusty (and often old) planes, which means we need remote airports. » 6/04/13 11:00am 6/04/13 11:00am

The Most Overpowered Production Cars

What happens when car makers decide to give you as much power as they possible can with a warranty? Well, their products make us smile a lot... and then we end up in a ditch. » 6/03/13 3:00pm 6/03/13 3:00pm

The Ten Least Super Supercars

Supercars are all about performance and style. Miss one crucial component, and you have disaster. Here are the ten least 'super' supercars ever made. » 6/03/13 11:48am 6/03/13 11:48am

The World's Ten Most Remote Roads

Welcome to the most remote roads in the world! Buckle up or not, whatever. What you'll really need is a reliable car, lots of food, water, matches, warm clothing, and as much gas as you can carry safely. » 5/31/13 11:00am 5/31/13 11:00am