Chevy Sequel To Cross New York, Go Transcontinental Next?

We'd be remiss if we forgot to mention that the fuel cell powered Chevy Sequel is making a trip across the state of New York right now to become the first vehicle to travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen. True, a similar feat can be accomplished with an Aveo and a full tank of gas — but yay for attempting to… »5/15/07 4:00pm5/15/07 4:00pm


Diapered, Pepper-Spray Wielding Long-Distance Astronaut Charged With 1st-Degree Attempted Murder!

Look, we've had beefs with romantic rivals. It once nearly came close to fisticuffs. Or it would have had he turned up at that Jets to Brazil show instead of hightailing it to Olympia, dammit. Ah, drama amongst fin de siecle indierockers. But at some point, you fold your tent and retire from the field and turn it… »2/06/07 2:15pm2/06/07 2:15pm