Lingenfelter Camaro Runs 9.04 Second 1/4 Mile

Closely chasing Evolution Performance's eight second Mustang is Lingenfelter Performance's LS9-powered 2010 Camaro. Their six-speed Camaro is consistently running low nine-second quarter miles and, judging by this video, they're well on their way to an eight-second run. » 11/07/10 5:00pm 11/07/10 5:00pm

Turbo LS7-Powered 800 HP Lingenfelter Camaro SS Mullet-Mobile

You didn't think that Hennessey was the only big-name tuner meddling with the new Camaro did you? Give a big honky-tonk, mullet-swaying welcome to the 800 HP, turbocharged LS7-swapped Lingenfelter Camaro SS. » 5/06/09 5:45pm 5/06/09 5:45pm