Russian President Vladimir Putin Is About To Get His Own Special Limo

If you are aspiring to be a bizarro-world version of a superpower, and you can't get many allies but you can get plenty of enemies, no two-bit B6/B7+ armored Mercedes S-Class limousine will do. No, if you want to beat the Beast, you need a custom limo of your own. This is Russian President Vladimir Putin's new ride. »5/07/14 3:59pm5/07/14 3:59pm

Limo Drivers Beg Celeb Handlers to Keep Clients from Driving Themselves

In one of the odder press releases to come across our desk lately, the National Limo Association (NLA) is pleading with celebrity handlers to spare their clients the embarrassment of a DUI mug shot this holiday season by hiring a limo driver. And while we agree with the sentiment (no one wants to be remembered as the… »11/29/07 11:45am11/29/07 11:45am