Russian President Vladimir Putin Is About To Get His Own Special Limo

If you are aspiring to be a bizarro-world version of a superpower, and you can't get many allies but you can get plenty of enemies, no two-bit B6/B7+ armored Mercedes S-Class limousine will do. No, if you want to beat the Beast, you need a custom limo of your own. This is Russian President Vladimir Putin's new ride. »5/07/14 3:59pm5/07/14 3:59pm

Russia's New Presidential Limo Is A Retro-Futuristic Despot's Dream

When Boris Yeltsin became president of Russia he mothballed the stale Russian-built ZIL limousines and upgraded to an armored Mercedes S-Class and the country's leaders have never looked back. Until now. A Russian-designer's been tapped to design a new version of the ZIL limo and it looks like it's from an alternative… »1/04/12 3:00pm1/04/12 3:00pm