Audi Really Wants To Bring Sequential Turn Signals To America

In a bid to maintain its lead in swaying other automakers to adopt ostentatious lights, Audi is pushing hard to bring its next bit of illuminated wizardry to consumers on the new A8. The next step comes in the form of these wicked sequential turn signals. But they're not legal in the US – yet. » 9/29/13 4:30pm 9/29/13 4:30pm

The Angriest-Looking LED Running Lights

This phenomenon of LED lights is one of my least-liked in current car design. Part of it does come down to the execution, and I can think of several cars that look as though designers were given a crate of stick-on LEDs from a craft store on Friday and told to come up with something interesting by Monday. » 8/25/13 4:00pm 8/25/13 4:00pm

Singapore's F1 Night Race Getting LED Flags

The first-ever Formula 1 night race is still on track for September and more details have arisen about some of the safety precautions that will be taken to ensure to well-being of all everyone involved. In addition to the special lighting system installed at the Singapore track, 35 LED flags will be situated around the … » 4/17/08 2:40pm 4/17/08 2:40pm