BMW Wants to Put a Vehicle Charging Station In Every Street Light

For electric vehicles to truly supplant their gas-guzzling predecessors, there needs to be as many charging stations on the roads as there are gas stations—if not more. So BMW proposes upgrading the street lights that already line roads everywhere with charging capabilities and energy-efficient lighting. » 6/17/15 4:14pm 6/17/15 4:14pm

​I'm Incredibly Afraid Of This 218 MPH Electric Bike

There's a difference between building a motorcycle in your shed and bringing an electric hyper-bike to market. Lighting is somewhere in between. They've got racing victories and investment and what seems like solid tech, but there's still a "guy in a garage" vibe that doesn't mesh with my survival instincts at 200… » 5/22/14 2:00pm 5/22/14 2:00pm

Singapore's F1 Night Race Getting LED Flags

The first-ever Formula 1 night race is still on track for September and more details have arisen about some of the safety precautions that will be taken to ensure to well-being of all everyone involved. In addition to the special lighting system installed at the Singapore track, 35 LED flags will be situated around… » 4/17/08 2:40pm 4/17/08 2:40pm

LED Sled: The Audi R8's Diode Lighting

Audi engineers are pretty torqued by the company introducing its first major LED-based lighting system with the R8. According to a press release, the R8 has 210 external LEDs, some of which even illuminate the engine. Among them are 24 front-mounted LEDs — set as running lights amid an assembly inspired by the Sydney… » 12/21/06 1:00pm 12/21/06 1:00pm