How To Do A Burnout With An Automatic Transmission, Rear-Wheel Drive…

Of course you know how to do a burnout. We all talk a big game when it comes to hoonage, but as we get ready for the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, we're sure there's got to be someone out there who might appreciate a simple instructional video. For this lesson, we'll be showing you how to do a burnout with a… » 8/15/08 2:30pm 8/15/08 2:30pm

Subaru Fan Forum Finally Gets BMW's Big GINA Joke

When the BMW GINA Light Concept debuted, it stretched (literally) the definition of what a car is and can be. It also drew a bit of confusion on the name. What's a GINA? Even though some of our commenters had similar ideas on the source, the NASIOC Subaru forum members have gone and taken things to their inevitable… » 8/11/08 6:01pm 8/11/08 6:01pm

Webasto LigHT Concept Has Light Top, Accurate Name

We were confused and astounded at the claim of a soft top on the Webasto LigHT Concept weighing in at a mere 28 lb., so we decided to go check it out for ourselves. Seems the innovators at Webasto made the simple into reality. They just took everything out of the top that wasn't needed. All the rollover protection is… » 3/05/08 4:30am 3/05/08 4:30am