Ad Watch: Ford's Super (Duty) Bowl Commercial Teasers Are Techie Porn

We've gotten our hands on some cool-to-watch and tech-heavy 15-second teaser ads for the Super Bowl ad campaign launch of the 2008 Ford F-Whatever Super Duty. The one above is a CAD-based build of the new 6.4L Power Stroke diesel engine with dual turbos and the second teaser commercial, in the same out-of-thin-air… »1/26/07 9:35pm1/26/07 9:35pm


Do The Electric Slide Up And Down: The 1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Electric Tailgate

We're not sure if this was the pinnacle of GM innovation, the depths of laziness or the height of cool. More than likely, it's all three wrapped up into one liitle deep and tall invention...on the pinnacle of brilliance. Yes, it helped to make the Custom Cruiser weigh north of 5,000 lbs, but it's a small price to… »8/28/06 3:30pm8/28/06 3:30pm