Signing Your Name Is The Strangest Thing You Do

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the aliens. Not the illegal immigrant kind; the government seems to have that problem under control, in the sense that there's a heated debate about it every few months, and you have congressmen calling each other names, and shoving each other as they board that little electric… »2/12/15 3:00pm2/12/15 3:00pm


Little kid falls asleep in his toy car and ends up driving in circles

Yep, we totally understand you kid. Sometimes when the sun is beating down too hard and the day of fun has gone on a little too long and you're oddly comfortable in an uncomfortable position, you just fade away without a care in the world. It is a hammock's rest. It is ice melting in an umbrella drink. It is this kid… »5/31/14 3:39pm5/31/14 3:39pm

Pennsylvania Man Attempts Suicide Twice On Way to Work, Ends Up at Work Anyway

This story of a Pennsylvania man is in its own a perfect metaphor for the Sisyphean exercise that is working. The unnamed man in Canonsburg — which is about 15 miles south of Pittsburgh — tried to kill himself twice on Tuesday on his way to work, but ended up there nonetheless. His first attempt at ending his life… »1/09/13 12:25am1/09/13 12:25am