Dad Convinces Kid He'll Be Launched Into Space If He Pushes A Button

Having a kid grants a parent powers that would have seemed unimaginable before. Specifically, you have constant access to an extremely gullible tiny person you can convince of almost anything. Should you? That's for each parent to decide, but the results can be fun. And maybe just a little cruel. »2/18/15 10:10pm2/18/15 10:10pm


This Brian Williams Stuff Is Making Me Fess Up About All My Car-Lies

With Brian William's reputation and career in a tailspin thanks to some not-so-accurate tales of derring-do and helicopter attacks, I've realized that I'd better get ahead of my long history of self-aggrandizing lies before I get found out and disgraced. So, in the interest of salvaging my career, I'm coming clean. »2/06/15 9:30pm2/06/15 9:30pm