Texas Declares Man's License Plate Offensive To Upside-Down People

Are you inverted 180° from normal human position, either through a gravitational anomaly or perhaps the use of gravity boots? Maybe you’re Raph? Are you also a highly sensitive person? If so, then you better sit down. Or, I guess, sit up. Because Texas just figured out that a Lambo’s license plate, 370H55V, can be… »4/10/15 12:45pm4/10/15 12:45pm

For God’s Sake, Take Off Your Dealer License Plate Frame

I'll tell you when I first realized that we have a serious problem. It was just a few days ago, when I came up behind a car in traffic with one of those enormous plastic license plate frames. Printed on top was the name of the dealer – something like "ANDERSON MOTORS." And on the bottom, in the same enormous font,… »9/16/14 4:06pm9/16/14 4:06pm

Confederate License Plates: The Price Of Government Greed

The world of specialty license plates is a complicated intersection of private douchbaggery and governmental robbery. Why do we even have to pay for a license and registration? The government shouldn't be jacking people with a hidden tax — a hidden regressive tax that hits poor people harder than the rich — for the… »7/16/14 2:22pm7/16/14 2:22pm

Human Denied N.H. License Plate That Isn't About Sex Or Violence

There are plenty of license plates you can't have in other states because they're usually about sex or bodily functions, like 4NIKK8 on a Georgia plate. But a New Hampshire man has gone to the state's Supreme Court because he thinks he should be allowed to say "cops lie." After all, this is the "Live Free or Die"… »11/10/13 11:00am11/10/13 11:00am

Your NY State License Plate Can't Say PUBES, KOTEX, or LUVCOK

It's not that surprising that "FUCKER," "DILD0E" and "SUCKIT" (and all variations thereof) are on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles's list of banned vanity plates. But non-straight people, Jews, and Kurt Vonnegut fans might be dismayed to know that GAYGUY, PISHER, and KARASS are no-nos, too. We're… »7/30/13 2:05pm7/30/13 2:05pm