Stop Driving Teens Everywhere And They'll Get A License

The University of Michigan talked to 600 young adults about why they haven't gotten their driver's licenses. Some say can't be bothered. Some have other ways to get around. » 8/06/13 4:46pm 8/06/13 4:46pm

Of course this hilarious vanity plate was on a Subaru

Another day. Another hilarious plate approved by the DMV. This time we're in lovely Massachusetts where the beers are cold, the accents are funny, and the Subaru drivers "LUVAG." » 11/02/11 2:30pm 11/02/11 2:30pm

Virginia DMV Revokes World's Greatest License Plate

A man in possession of the world's greatest license plate has lost his battle with the Virginia DMV, who ridiculously claim it encourages oral sex with kids instead of just cannibalism. Here's their predictably unfunny response to the funny plate. » 1/04/11 4:34pm 1/04/11 4:34pm

Bionic-Armed Driver in Unsurprising Car Crash. UPDATED

You can't fault the Austrian government for giving a bionic-armed man a driver's license. But you also can't be shocked that he wrapped his Subaru around a tree. We just hope he pulls through. UPDATED: » 10/22/10 10:00am 10/22/10 10:00am

Funny, My License Says "WHERE2CHRG"

For only $101,500 plus the cost of a custom plate, you too can laugh at the thought of using gas to run your Tesla Roadster. Just make sure the celebratory drive isn't longer than 245 miles. [Reddit] » 7/19/10 3:45pm 7/19/10 3:45pm

Florida DMV To Citizen: EAT ASS

When Ashley Lineberger renewed her license she was surprised to find the replacement listed her street address as "EAT ASS." After informing the Florida DMV she doesn't live on "EAT ASS" they tried to charge her for a new one. » 5/21/10 2:00pm 5/21/10 2:00pm

Wolverine Passes Driving Test, Gets License

Congratulations to Hugh Jackman. He finally has his driver's license after passing his road test at the Staten Island DMV "with flying colors." Now maybe he can stop riding horses all the time. [DailyNews] » 5/15/09 1:30pm 5/15/09 1:30pm

50 Vanity Plates That Slipped By The DMV

We've featured some pretty wild vanity plates in the past, but now we've compiled a gallery of the best 50 to slip past the DMV. We're still waiting for one that says CRPCLIPS. Anyone? » 12/24/08 10:00am 12/24/08 10:00am

Embeded RFID Chips Add Big Brother To New York Driver's Licenses

For just $30 extra, New York state residents can opt for a new Enhanced Driver's License (EDL), complete with RFID » 9/17/08 9:40am 9/17/08 9:40am chip. But why would you want to shill out that extra coin on top of the $50 you already have to pay for a normal license? The selling point is that the radio frequency identification chip in the EDL…

Map Of USA Made of States' License Plates

Here's some art which brings up a "why haven't I seen that before" thought. License plates, cut into the shapes of each state, arranged into the shape of the United States. Neat. Is it cool enough to fork over prices starting at $1,895, depends on if you've got spare scratch laying around. Of course if you've got a… » 2/25/08 9:30am 2/25/08 9:30am

$14.3M Vanity Plate Shatters Record, Makes Orphan Babies Cry

Remember the guy from the United Arab Emirates that paid $6.8M for a vanity plate? His bid for a plate reading "5" set the world record. But that's kid's stuff. A new record has been set by UAE businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri, who made a bid of $14,300,000 for Abu Dhabi license plate "1." If it were our money,… » 2/18/08 11:15am 2/18/08 11:15am

Personalized Plate Slips by North Carolina DMV

Apparently the North Carolina DMV is unfamiliar with the darker corners of the internet because they've let a whopper of a plate slip through the screening process. If you've ever seen what this plate is referring to, may God have mercy on your soul. There are just some things you can't unsee. We're sure the proud new… » 1/07/08 3:15pm 1/07/08 3:15pm

Enter Sandman: The Metallica License Plate Rules!

The LA area spawned the metallic metal band, so we guess it makes sense you'd find this here. Also yes, we'd have to agree — it's probably the most metal license plate we've yet to see out of LA, or any other area for that matter. At least until someone comes up with a MegadetH one. It's just too bad it's on a… » 3/13/07 8:27am 3/13/07 8:27am

What Would Jalopnik Do?

We had some really funny and some really not-so-funny responses to our question, "What Would Jalopnik Readers Create On A Plate?" Sifting through the e-mailed responses has made us giggle more than once. In fact, it's been so enjoyable, we are thinking of printing cute little wrist bracelets. I can see it… » 3/14/06 11:19am 3/14/06 11:19am

Go Ahead And Plate It Your Way

Acme Labs, the purveyors of fine freeware on the interwebs since 1991, has a neat little license plate graphic generator online. What's different about this fun little time-suck is that it allows you to choose not only the State, but also the year. That means that you can finally get a picture of that 1991 Ohio… » 3/13/06 11:55am 3/13/06 11:55am

Massachusetts Lawmakers Want to Simplify Plates, Add Symbols

A Massachusetts legislator supports changing the state's license plates to be simpler to remember. His proposal is not unsound; three letters and an incandescent symbol, he says, would be easier for crime witnesses to remember — and relate to police — than the current collection of meaningless numbers and letters. In… » 9/27/05 5:19pm 9/27/05 5:19pm