Hear This Intense Declassified Recording Of F-14s Shooting Down Libyan MiG-23s 

Although it’s more audio than video, it’s fascinating to hear the tension as a pair F-14 Tomcats intercept and engage a pair of Libyan MiG-23 Floggers over the Gulf of Sidra. Small segments have been released before of the historical 1989 shoot-down, but this release includes the entire intercept leading up to the… »10/30/15 6:04pm10/30/15 6:04pm


This Is The Lowest, Fastest Flyby Yet By A Crazy Libyan MiG-23 Pilot

Libya is in total chaos right now, with multiple air forces flying for different factions within the country. Yet it seems there is a MiG-23 pilot (or pilots) keeping his spirits up by pushing his Flogger to its low-level limits. This video takes the cake for the wildest low-level pass so far, with what looks like… »7/05/15 11:25am7/05/15 11:25am

USAF F-15Es Strike At "Marlboro Man" Terror Kingpin In Eastern Libya

The Pentagon is assessing the results of an air strike that occurred this weekend against a terrorist target in the eastern Libyan city of Ajdabiya. Meanwhile, Libyan officials stated that veteran Al Qaeda kingpin Mokhtar Belmokhta, who orchestrated the deadly 2013 attack on a massive oil complex in Algeria, was… »6/15/15 7:41am6/15/15 7:41am

Libya May Be A Mess But Their MiG-23 Pilots Seem To Be Having A Ball  

Libya is deep in turmoil, but their MiG-23 Flogger pilots seem to have found a bright spot, judging by these ultra low-level flyby videos. The touchy swing-wing MiG-23 is disappearing from service around the world, but Libya has kept a portion of their Soviet-era fleet operational through the chaos that continues to… »4/26/15 12:47pm4/26/15 12:47pm

U.S. Quietly Evacuates Libyan Embassy With Surprise Convoy Escape

With Tripoli's major airport coming under fire and a civil war raging in the streets, it's been clear for a while that the fighting in Libya was getting out of control and the evacuation of U.S. staff and troops would be necessary. How'd they do it? With a sneaky early morning convoy. »7/26/14 9:07am7/26/14 9:07am

Battle For Tripoli's International Airport Rages On, A330 In Flames

The nearly week-long battle for Tripoli's International Airport continues on, and sadly, a very new $225M Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 has been the latest aircraft victim of the shelling. The fighting is between an Islamist Militia and a more moderate one that originates from the western city of Zintan that currently… »7/20/14 5:34pm7/20/14 5:34pm

How The Marines Could Evacuate The U.S. Embassy In Libya

Libya appears on the verge of all-out civil war once again as opposing factions are squaring off in the streets of Tripoli. In the wake of the Benghazi attack, the Obama Administration and the DoD are ready and waiting to pull our diplomats and their support staff out at a moments notice. Here's how they'll probably… »5/23/14 11:27pm5/23/14 11:27pm