New 2008 Jeep Liberty Is Afraid Of Cameras, Goes "On Road, Off Road"

When we first saw the new 2008 Jeep Liberty at a pre-New York Auto Show briefing session we can't help but feel very sad. One of us has been a proud owner of a Jeep Liberty and truly enjoys taking his little baby bug off the beaten path whenever possible. While we're not at all impugning the capabilities of this new… »9/27/07 9:45am9/27/07 9:45am

Chrysler Group Drops Price On Jeep Liberty To Make It More Of A Square Deal At $20,990

Well, the new 2008 models for Jeep are almost out — and Chrysler Group's released pricing on the newly re-designed and very much Nitro-like Liberty. They've dropped the base price on the 4x2 SUV letting freedom ring in at an MSRP of just $20,990 — $1,270 less than the 2007 model. The 4x4 on the other hand will start… »7/19/07 3:30pm7/19/07 3:30pm

New York Auto Show: Jeep Unveils New Retractable Hand, Umbrella For The 2008 Liberty

In addition to the new sliding canvas roof all the media is abuzz about, there's apparently another option we can get on the new 2008 Jeep Liberty. It seems you can get a retractable arm and umbrella to keep the rain and sun out once you've got the roof up — or something like that. »4/05/07 1:19pm4/05/07 1:19pm

New York Auto Show: 2008 Jeep Liberty Revealed With A Dose Of Vinesian Humor

We adore Jason Vines, the chief communicator for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid (for at least however long that particular merger of equals lasts). He sure knows how to make any press conference a blast, even if it is for the new 2008 Dodge Nitro Jeep Liberty. But hey, at least it's got a canvas… »4/04/07 3:20pm4/04/07 3:20pm

Braking! Chrysler Group Looks For Do-Over On 2007 Model Year, Recalls 62,369 Vehicles

Oops. Hope you weren't planning on using those brakes in your new '07 model Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep-branded — umm — anything. We've just heard the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's recalling 62,369 vehicles for what Reuters says is a need to "reprogram a computer that is related to the brake system." And… »12/22/06 4:19pm12/22/06 4:19pm

Ad Watch: Dodge Tries To Jump Start Its Heart With The Nitro SUV

Welcome to badge-engineering that actually makes a vehicle look like something totally original — enter, the Dodge Nitro. The small SUV that says "anything but Jeep Liberty." And also, we're pleased to welcome you to some special advertising goodness from the folks at BBDO Detroit — makers of some of our other fave »10/25/06 6:12pm10/25/06 6:12pm

Breaking Odds! Wert Encounters Strangeness In Detroit Parking Garage

Despite the fact that we know there's only so many signals our key fobs can use to transmit codes to our car for commands like "lock", "unlock" and "alarm", we're still kind of weirded out when we encounter through random chance, a vehicle sharing said signal. We guess we shouldn't be too surprised because as we… »10/06/06 1:59pm10/06/06 1:59pm

What is it With Chrysler SUVs and Ball Joints? '02-'06 Jeep Liberty Recall

A couple of years back, we remember just narrowly missing being included in a ball-joint-related recall for the last-generation Dodge Durango. Now Wert's up on the recall block; in September he'll served notice that his '02-'06 Jeep Liberty may have a ball joint problem which has already caused three injuries and… »8/02/06 2:30pm8/02/06 2:30pm