Lexus LFA Video Provides Automotive Auralgasm

This Lexus LFA video from the Tokyo show must be enjoyed twice. First, crank your speakers, start the video and close your eyes. We expect minds to be blow by the sounds alone. Next, restart and watch the video. [] » 10/21/09 1:00am 10/21/09 1:00am

Lexus LFA: A $400,000 Fast-As-Spit Super Car

We've delivered the Lexus LFA's official shots and specs and now we've got live shots from the Tokyo Motor Show. Akio Toyoda approves, and he should, at $400,000 the limited run supercar will be Toyota's most extreme offering ever. » 10/21/09 12:10am 10/21/09 12:10am

Lexus LFA Official Images And Specs: Hold Onto Your Butts

Mark your calendars, today Toyota has birthed its first supercar, the specs and complete images of the production Lexus LFA have been released and by all measure it's going to make the Italians and Germans break into a cold sweat. » 10/20/09 10:49pm 10/20/09 10:49pm