Play With This Street View-Style 3D Camera On The New Mercedes F1 Car

What happens when you put a Google Street View camera on a Prius? Mostly just shots of the plain world around us, sometimes punctuated by extreme badasses and ravines. Put it on the new Mercedes F1 car and you can see what Lewis Hamilton sees. » 2/19/14 10:20am 2/19/14 10:20am

Lewis Hamilton Ski Trip Results In Dumbest Fake Controversy Ever

Can't a guy go skiing with his girlfriend without stirring up a bunch of Internet controversy? Not if he's a Formula One driver, and not at the moment, apparently. The world of racing is supposedly "outraged" at Lewis Hamilton's vacation pics as Michael Schumacher lies in the hospital. » 1/02/14 12:45pm 1/02/14 12:45pm

Watch Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg Lap The ‘Ring In Classic F1 Cars

Back before KERS, DRS, paddle shifters and onboard computers, Formula One racing cars were basically just huge engines that happened to have wheels and transmissions attached for the sake of convenience. Could two drivers from the modern era even handle them? » 7/16/13 10:27am 7/16/13 10:27am

Sebastian Vettel's Monaco Helmet Reveals A Naked Pinup When Heated

It's the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, which means all the teams do something a little special. Lotus has Daft Punk on their side pods. But Sebastian Vettel wins, because his helmet reveals a (mostly) naked woman as it gets warmer. » 5/23/13 3:14pm 5/23/13 3:14pm

Pitstop Slapstick McLaren Style

Lewis Hamilton pulling into the McLaren pits before heading to his new home at Mercedes was far from without precedent at McLaren. In 2011 in Shanghai, Jenson Button fancied a wheel change at then-dominant Red Bull’s pits before Sebastian Vettel’s mechanics waved him on. Can you recall other instances of racing drivers … » 3/25/13 5:30pm 3/25/13 5:30pm

The Hater's Guide To 2008 Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton

There is no denying that Lewis Hamilton is one of the most brilliant Formula One drivers and motorsports talents of all time. Hamilton was a child prodigy, signed to a contract with McLaren when he was just 13 years old. He nearly won a world championship in his first season in F1 and beat the sophomore slump to win a… » 3/22/13 1:15pm 3/22/13 1:15pm

Lewis Hamilton Struggles To Read My Poor Handwriting But Answers Some…

Last week at a cold, rainy Silverstone circuit I met Lewis Hamilton in the cosy warmth of the swank BRDC Clubhouse for a chat about F1, off-track life and his recent Top Gear UK fastest lap. Even though he's one of the busiest men on the planet right now, he still had the time to rightly take the piss out of my crappy… » 3/16/13 9:21am 3/16/13 9:21am

Lewis, How About Kicking Everyone’s Ass Before Building A Museum To…

Lewis “I Really Like To Name-Drop Ayrton Senna” Hamilton may have a flashy new car at Mercedes but he’s also got some issues with self-importance. In a slightly surreal interview with The Guardian, he talked about building a museum for his trophies and his self-designed helmets, his new dog, and his new $30M plane. » 3/12/13 2:49pm 3/12/13 2:49pm