Formula One's New Qualifying System Accomplished Nothing, Frustrated Many

There was a lot of action at the start of the new Formula One qualifying system, but it felt as if drivers gave up at the end, and far too much “action” involved cars getting in and out of garages. Simply put in the words of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff to Sky Sports: “The new qualifying format is rubbish.”

Lewis Hamilton Bashes F1's 'Halo' Safety Concept, Wants Choice On Whether To Use It

Between safety and style, it’s pretty obvious which takes a higher slot on the importance list—unless, of course, you’re three-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton. In that case, forget the safety aspect of it all. It’s better that your 200-plus mph racing vehicle looks good, while going 200-plus mph.


Lewis Hamilton Reportedly Crashed His Pagani Zonda In Monaco After 'Heavy Partying'

Looks like Lewis Hamilton’s celebrating his 2015 Formula One World Championship has gone a bit too far. The ace driver, hashtag enthusiast and Britain’s thirstiest athlete came clean recently on Instagram (of course) about a car crash in Monaco, which he said happened from being exhausted on the heels of some “heavy…