Lewis Black Rants On James Glickenhaus And His Bespoke Ferrari

Lewis Black, always looking to cover things that've slipped through the cracks, decided to take on James Glickenhaus. Glickenhaus is the Ferrari collector who went and commissioned Pininfarina to build him a $3 million bespoke update of the Ferrari P4 over an Enzo chassis, the 612 P4/5. It'd appear that every time… » 10/16/06 8:51am 10/16/06 8:51am

Lewis Black On Pontiac's Comic-al Advertising

If anyone caught last night's episode of The Daily Show, they may have caught fave rant-raver Lewis Black with the newest of his "Back In Black" segments. And this time, he turned his crazy eyes toward the General's warrior chief brand, Pontiac — and its recent decision to pay for an ad drop of the new Pontiac… » 8/24/06 2:45pm 8/24/06 2:45pm