The PUMGO May Well Suck

"Every once in a while, somebody with an engineering degree tries to 'remake' skateboarding and we end up with another action sports novelty item." » 7/10/06 11:00pm 7/10/06 11:00pm
Mister Markman has proven himself chock full of gems relating to our childhood today, first with the heads-up regarding what's undoubtedly one of the most brilliant ad…

Holy Crap! It's the Seagle!

Lew, hero and friend to all, has been working with the crew at ad agency Nemo Design, who in turn, have been collaborating with Nike on the campaign for Nike 6.0, the athleticwear giant's action-sports brand. And what hath all of this collaboration wrought? The goddamn Seagle! We don't care if the thing was built as… » 6/29/06 5:00pm 6/29/06 5:00pm

We've Been On Fire With Sally Field: The Fall Guy Intro

Sez Lewman: "Yesterday after I hopped off chat I went to the store and on the way they played the theme from The Fall Guy... I forgot all about that show, and, that song, "The Unknown Stuntman." Since you're on the '80s show intro video tip, you should flash back and post the intro to the OG FG." Yes Lew, you are… » 6/20/06 11:00pm 6/20/06 11:00pm

Hoons of the Decade: Jackass Sequel Trailer

According to Lew, who should know, since he worked on the damn thing, Jackass: Number Two is twice as good as the first movie, which is literally one of the funniest films we've ever seen. Says the character they sometimes refer to as Markman: "The movie is gonna blow up again. It's easily double the everything… » 6/19/06 11:00pm 6/19/06 11:00pm

This World is Big, And So Are We: Trans-Americas Journey

When Ray and Austin crashed the parade in Indy and ended up in a car with Karen Catchpole and her husband Eric Mohl, the masterminds behind Transamericas Journey, for some reason, it didn't click. And then in some sort of delayed reaction, we hear from the mighty Lew last night, saying "Karen Catchpole!" And it still… » 6/10/06 12:28am 6/10/06 12:28am