We've Been On Fire With Sally Field: The Fall Guy Intro

Sez Lewman: "Yesterday after I hopped off chat I went to the store and on the way they played the theme from The Fall Guy... I forgot all about that show, and, that song, "The Unknown Stuntman." Since you're on the '80s show intro video tip, you should flash back and post the intro to the OG FG." Yes Lew, you are… »6/20/06 11:00pm6/20/06 11:00pm

This World is Big, And So Are We: Trans-Americas Journey

When Ray and Austin crashed the parade in Indy and ended up in a car with Karen Catchpole and her husband Eric Mohl, the masterminds behind Transamericas Journey, for some reason, it didn't click. And then in some sort of delayed reaction, we hear from the mighty Lew last night, saying "Karen Catchpole!" And it still… »6/10/06 12:28am6/10/06 12:28am