How A LeMons Team Got A $200,000 RV For One Percent Of Its Original MSRP


My team loves crap can racing, but doesn’t love partying in a dirty crap can paddock or sleeping in a dirty crap can tent. Then the solution appeared. Thanks to a little website called Copart and people with a lot of time on their hands, we got a $200,000 RV for $4,000. Here’s how it’s done. »5/25/15 2:00pm5/25/15 2:00pm

I Autocrossed My LeMons Race Car And That May Have Been A Terrible Idea

Even if you primarily do other forms of racing, autocross can be a great place to shake down a car. You get to toss the car around at its limit like a total hooligan in the company of other car geeks. If things go wrong, you're in good, knowledgeable company. Oh yes, things went wrong when I autocrossed my 944. »1/05/15 3:38pm1/05/15 3:38pm

Here’s What American Endurance Racing At Lime Rock Park Looks Like

American Endurance Racing is the new kid on the block for low-buck motorsports. Based around simple rules and a "race what ya got" mentality, it's got lots of appeal to anyone who's ever raced 24 Hours of LeMons or Chumpcar. On an ass-clenchingly cold late November weekend, AER stormed into historic Lime Rock Park… »11/26/14 7:47am11/26/14 7:47am

I drove a B-Spec Mazda2 and gave this story a really stupid title!

Remember the dream of the Grand Am B-Spec series? The best and brightest econoboxes, stripped and caged and ready to rock? Well, that died. The series was shut down after its debut in 2012, but the prepped race cars found their way to enthusiasts, where there’s actually been grassroots efforts to get them racing once… »7/07/14 11:41am7/07/14 11:41am

I Drove A Cessna Through Times Square And It Was Incredible

Of all the strange cars I've driven in cities — a Bugatti Veyron and a Morgan 3 Wheeler amongst them — nothing has so captivated onlookers as this. It's a Cessna that once skipped through the air, but now glides along the road, the shimmering body hiding the mechanicals of a Toyota Van. Screw your Ferrari, get a damn… »5/07/14 1:59pm5/07/14 1:59pm

Self-Proclaimed 'King Of Lemon Laws' Files Lemon Suit Against Tesla

Vince Megna, the guy who calls himself the "King of Lemon Laws," because he has filed a lot of lawsuits regardings cars under state Lemon Laws, obviously, just filed a lawsuit against Tesla because of what he says is a defective Model S. And the best part is the absolutely bizarre video accompanying the suit. »4/07/14 2:10pm4/07/14 2:10pm

Being A Car Girl (From A Car Girl)

I work at a place called the Classic Car Club Manhattan; a private club where members get the keys to some of the most iconic cars ever built. I was recruited young, just 19 years old. Initially I was only meant to be a temp, but Mike & Zac (owners/directors) decided to keep me around. I developed a passion for the… »7/26/13 4:18pm7/26/13 4:18pm