Can You Count On A Salesperson's "Expert" Advice?

You buy a truck to pull your boat trailer and specifically ask the salesperson if it will do the job. He assures you it will. Afterwards, you discover it couldn't pull your trailer downhill with a tailwind. Can you sue to un-do that deal? Probably not – unless you took specific steps to protect yourself. » 10/30/14 1:48pm 10/30/14 1:48pm

Self-Proclaimed 'King Of Lemon Laws' Files Lemon Suit Against Tesla

Vince Megna, the guy who calls himself the "King of Lemon Laws," because he has filed a lot of lawsuits regardings cars under state Lemon Laws, obviously, just filed a lawsuit against Tesla because of what he says is a defective Model S. And the best part is the absolutely bizarre video accompanying the suit. » 4/07/14 2:10pm 4/07/14 2:10pm

Lemons Have Status Washed Clean By Switching States

In Flannery O'Connor's The Violent Bear It Away, the character Tarwater is a "prophet sent to burn your eyes clean." (Yes, we're going to throw in a plug for The Finest American Novelist Who Ever Lived every chance we get). However, cars given official lemon status need no such prophet to burn their citrus taint… » 8/27/07 11:30am 8/27/07 11:30am