This Is Your Captain, And We Are Totally Not Lost Or Anything

"No, it was a left turn at Albuquerque." "I said right." "Hello? Tower? Where do we go once this light turns green?" (An Airbus 380 crosses an aircraft-only autobahn bridge at the Leipzig airport.) [] » 6/22/10 9:00am 6/22/10 9:00am

Porsche Panamera Production to be in Leipzig

We're hoping Porsche's upcoming Panamera will enjoy a nice dish of Allerlei. That's because Porsche confirmed the four-door "coupe" will be built in Leipzig, home of Cayenne assemblage, the erstwhile Carrera GT and to that particular local dish, consisting of mixed vegetables in a thick sauce. (Y'all may know it as… » 5/18/06 9:22am 5/18/06 9:22am

Updated Yes! Roadster Unveiled in Leipzig

For those who missed the Leipzig motor show (sorry, we were washing our hair), Edmunds Inside Line fills us in on a newly updated roadster by specialty carmaker Tobias Funke & Will unveiled there. The midengined and gullwing door'd Yes! is powered by Audi's 3.2-liter V6 and weighs a mere 2,200 pounds, making it a… » 4/05/06 8:12am 4/05/06 8:12am