PCH, Fun With Honda Engines Edition: NSX-Powered Legend or Turbo Civic?

The '58 Lincoln put up a good showing, but in the end the Porsche 928 takes the prize, with 56% of you choosing Polyester-Clad White Powder Distributor over Chain-Smoking Rat Pack Player in Monday's Choose Your Eternity poll. But with a Datsun nearly beating a Peugeot last week, not to mention an Acura winning the 24… » 5/15/08 5:20pm 5/15/08 5:20pm

Question Markdown: Matt Lesko's 1990 Acura Legend for Sale

If you re up late at night and bypass the informercials for the latest Girls Gone Wild DVD, you ve no doubt run into Matt Lesko. He s that lunatic that screams about the government grants available to pay for your Pop Tarts while wearing a suit adorned with question marks. Well, if you re in the Washington DC area,… » 8/02/05 3:46pm 8/02/05 3:46pm