Sometimes The Photos Really DO Tell The Whole Story: Rolled Subaru Legacy

When you see a wrecked late-model car for sale, you might have questions about what caused the wreck. Not so with this '06 Legacy! »1/22/09 3:00pm1/22/09 3:00pm

Yes, the gauges are showing a snapshot of- presumably- what was taking place at the moment the main computer got knocked out by the impact. Over six grand on the tach, 120 per on the…

Jalopnik's Top Reveals From The 2008 Paris Motor Show: Morning, Day Two

With Ben all by himself at the Paris Motor Show »10/03/08 1:01pm10/03/08 1:01pm, we've been back here across the pond bringing you his on-the-ground coverage. Here's everything revealed so far on the second day of the show, compiled in order of popularity from most trafficked to least. Be sure to visit the full posts where you'll find more pictures,…

Quadrazontal Success! Sexazontal Time! Flying Wing! Subaru in Detroit!

Subaru, flush with the success of a first-time 200,000-units-sold year in the United States, introduced the new "Flying Wing" front end design on the Legacy and Outback, a look which will eventually replace the unloved Flying Vagina grille across the line, we imagine. The Subies claim that that the new grille design… »1/08/07 1:30pm1/08/07 1:30pm