This is Boston Not LA: Lee Majors Runs to California

While we won't go into the reasons why we were up wee hours of the early nineties adjusting a tinfoil antenna on a black and white TV watching The Last Chase, we will say this cinematic gem made a lasting impression. Even over a decade later no one believes us when we start rambling on about a movie starring Lee… » 6/14/07 2:00pm 6/14/07 2:00pm

Lee Majors Shills for Honda in Deutschland!

As we age, practical considerations come into play. Case in point, Honda seems to have managed to convince Colt Seavers to trade in his stonking sometimes-a-Chevy, sometimes-a-GMC 4x4 for a CR-V. Either that, or Colt realized what we've been preaching for years: the CR-V is a superior makeout wagon. Maybe if we got… » 1/05/07 6:30pm 1/05/07 6:30pm

Unbelievers in the Seavers: 'The Fall Guy' Detractors at Jump the Shark

While it's true that the addition of Nedra Volz to the cast of The Fall Guy was somewhat of a woodrow-wilter, especially considering by that point we'd already seen a decline in the bikini-clad appearances of Markie and Heather, the main reason cited by Jump The Shark contributors for the show's ungoodness was Lee… » 8/07/06 7:00pm 8/07/06 7:00pm

Colt Seavers Believers Unite! Bring 'The Fall Guy' to DVD!

So we've had a big hankering for The Fall Guy lately, which led us to check Amazon for DVD availability. No dice! So in the spirit of Conan O'Brien's campaign to get Dirty Dancing re-released a while back, we want our Lee Majors, Doug Barr, Heather Thomas and Markie Post (oh, do we want us some Markie Post...) and a… » 8/07/06 4:30pm 8/07/06 4:30pm

We're Believers in Colt Seavers: The Fall Guy Episode Guide

He'll might fall from a tall building, he'll roll a brand-new car, 'cause he's the unknown stuntman that made Redford such a star. Continuing on with our suddenly-flashbacked, long-dormant Markie Post obsession due to Lew's suggestion earlier in the week that we post The Fall Guy's intro sequence, may we present to… » 6/23/06 8:00pm 6/23/06 8:00pm