Leather vs Leatherette vs Cloth – Which one should I get?

If you've ever sunk yourself into one of the leather thrones of a BMW 7 Series or X5, you'll know just how comfortable and supportive seats of any kind can be. BMW is one of the better makers of bum supporters in the industry. Somehow, the Bavarians are able to make seats that both comfort and support, allow for both… »3/06/15 12:12am3/06/15 12:12am


Leather wrapped Ferrari F430 is an exercise in bad taste

The Russian tuning house responsible for building the infamous whale penis interior equipped luxury SUV is at it again. This time Dartz has wrapped a Ferrari F430 in leather grain vinyl that was not, as far as we can tell, sourced from an animal's genitalia. We can't imagine anyone in Maranello is very happy about… »8/20/11 11:00am8/20/11 11:00am