2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Accidentally Released As A Toy

This picture of two die-cast SUVs that look exactly like the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport have been circulating around the internet for the past 24 hours or so. The new Freelander/LR2 replacement isn't meant to be revealed until September 2nd, but it seems we're getting a small-scale sneak peek right here. » 8/26/14 2:22pm 8/26/14 2:22pm

Leaked Specs Say The Porsche Macan Turbo Will Have 400 Horsepower

The Audi Q5 With A Bodykit, er, excuse me, I mean the 2015 Porsche Macan, is inching closer to production. Its power specs just hit the Internets, however, and the engines under the hood are most certainly not Audi Q5 With A Bodykit numbers. We're talking solid amounts of power for a small SUV. » 11/10/13 5:02pm 11/10/13 5:02pm

What the? — is this Garmin's New Colorado 300 GPS Unit?

Apparently, this is the new Colorado (no, not that Colorado). Well, the picture says so, but we don't always believe in overly grainy pictures, especially when cameraphones nowadays can outperform many actual cameras. The Colorado 300 appears to be Garmin's latest, greatest and oddly shaped GPS unit. According to the… » 12/10/07 5:00pm 12/10/07 5:00pm