​Aston Martin Suing Henrik Fisker Over Design Infringement

Aston Martin is taking Henrik Fisker to court over the Thunderbolt concept, with the automaker claiming he blatantly copied trademarked design elements in his one-off creation and misrepresented the underpinnings of the coupe. [UPDATE] » 3/26/15 6:46pm Thursday 6:46pm

The Heinous Price Of Bottled Water In Airports Springs A Lawsuit

There's nothing good about traversing the labyrinth known as the modern day international airport. Aside from incompetent airline personal and the debacle known as TSA, we are now subject to price gouging, according to a lawsuit claiming retailers are charging a whopping $5 for a bottle of water. » 3/16/15 5:40pm 3/16/15 5:40pm

Van Der Garde Drops Dispute, Won't Drive For Sauber This Weekend

A new spirit of collaboration marked the discussions happening between the Sauber Formula One team and driver Giedo van der Garde after yesterday's court proceedings. Van der Garde submitted a Contempt of Court application after Sauber failed to secure him a drive, but that matter has been settled out of court. » 3/14/15 12:30am 3/14/15 12:30am

Sauber Won't Know If Its Assets Could Be Seized Until Saturday

There was no decision Friday as to whether Sauber would be held in Contempt of Court for their inability to get Giedo Van der Garde into the race drive he had been promised. That court case is expected to continue tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. AEDT, on Saturday morning in Australia. » 3/13/15 6:18pm 3/13/15 6:18pm

Dealership To Pay $1.6 Million For Bullshit "Theft Protection" Package

A dealership in New York charged car-buyers $295 for a "theft protection" package that turned out to be bogus. A lawsuit says over 5,000 car buyers were "robbed" of their money for protection that didn't exist; now the dealer has to pay. Irony: Defined. » 1/26/15 4:09pm 1/26/15 4:09pm

Woman Runs Kids Over With SUV, Sues Victims for $1.35 Millon in Damages

Sharlene Simon, An Ontario woman who struck three teenagers with her SUV while speeding, killing one, is suing the dead teen, his parents, his deceased brother, the families of the other teenagers and the county for $1.35 million, citing that she has suffered from depression, anxiety, irritability and post-traumatic… » 4/26/14 3:23pm 4/26/14 3:23pm

Is Shelby Really This Awful To Its Dealers?

Stephen Becker, owner of Planet Cobra, an authorized reseller of those "new" Shelby Cobras old rich accountants love is alleging Shelby American engaged in numerous unscrupulous and underhanded practices with its dealer network in a lawsuit obtained by Jalopnik. The lawsuit also reveals just how much dealers pay for… » 1/03/13 1:20pm 1/03/13 1:20pm

Carroll Shelby's Dead Body Is Literally In Limbo

It's been about a month since Carroll Shelby died, but the man who lived fast and sued faster is still in a freezer in a medical examiner's office because of a legal fight over his remains between his "estranged" wife Cleo Shelby and some of his kids. » 6/07/12 9:30am 6/07/12 9:30am

Judge Throws Out Tesla's Top Gear Libel Lawsuit

Amidst the Tesla battery problem, comes news of a judgment from the UK courts again dismissing Tesla Motors' complaints and reiterating that Top Gear did nothing libelous or maliciously false in the program's review of the Tesla Roadster. » 2/23/12 9:05am 2/23/12 9:05am

Family of woman crushed by monster truck outside strip club sue everyone

The family of the 23-year-old woman crushed and killed by a drunk driver in a monster truck outside of a Dallas strip club last month is suing the cage fight-managing truck's owner, the driver, the strip club's managers, and the strip club itself over the death. » 4/26/11 2:00pm 4/26/11 2:00pm

Tesla sues Top Gear over "rigged" electric car test

Remember that time Top Gear gave the Tesla Roadster such a thrashing it broke, except it really didn't break? Tesla does, and it's now filed suit against the BBC and Top Gear accusing the Beeb of defamation. UPDATE » 3/29/11 7:30pm 3/29/11 7:30pm

The Piracy Lawsuit That Could Ground The CIA's Deadly Predator Drones

Al Qaeda and the Taliban haven't been able to bring down the CIA's Predator drones. But a new lawsuit alleging parts of their targeting software are pirated (and faulty) could. » 10/18/10 9:32pm 10/18/10 9:32pm

Family Of Tesla Plane Crash Victim Sues Pilot

The family of one victim in the February plane crash killing three Tesla employees has sued the estate of the pilot/co-worker. [SF Chronicle] » 8/19/10 8:30am 8/19/10 8:30am

For $22,500, Get a Candy Ass-Approved Faux-rrari

Some say that it is cursed, that it caused a business to fail, and proved too controversial even for eBay. But now, in an exclusive engagement on Nice Price or Crack Pipe, comes. . . the Delirious 250 GT-Faux. » 8/13/10 8:00am 8/13/10 8:00am

This Man Fought Toyota For Stealing His Hybrid Tech And Won

Alex Severinsky, a Soviet emigrant who began his career developing antitank-warfare instrumentation, patented a system for powering gas-electric hybrids in 1994. Toyota used his system for the Prius without permission or payment. Until this week. » 7/21/10 2:35pm 7/21/10 2:35pm

This Is The Lawsuit Attempting To Bring Indian Diesel Pickups To America

Indian automaker Mahindra promised America a small diesel pickup, but there have been numerous delays. Now U.S. distributor Global Motors is suing the company to make them stop dragging their feet and start building it. Here's the full thing. » 6/17/10 2:00pm 6/17/10 2:00pm

Your GM Pickup Could Explode And Kill You

Over nine million General Motors pickup trucks built in the '70s and '80s have a tendency to explode in otherwise non-fatal accidents. This is FairWarning.org's detailed look at how an added "feature" made those trucks deadly. —Ed. » 4/09/10 1:20pm 4/09/10 1:20pm

Greedy Hedge Fund Managers Suing Porsche For $1 Billion

Reason number one why the ‘10s are worse than the ‘80s: greedy hedge fund managers are suing Porsche not because they drove backwards into a tree, but because the company's surprise takeover of VW caught them with their pants down. » 1/27/10 2:00pm 1/27/10 2:00pm

Shelby Sued, $20K GT500KR Hoods Really Only Cost $4K

Shelby's latest lawsuit, involving the supplier of $20,000 GT500KR carbon fiber hoods, makes us wonder if expected legal fees are included in their prices. The original cost of those carbon fiber hoods? $4,000. Now that's one serious up-charge. » 1/05/10 1:00pm 1/05/10 1:00pm