We'll race the shit out of anything

There's some weird-ass racing out in America. Did you know there's a sport known colloquially as "Pig 'N Ford" racing? Hand to God, these guys begin with a Le Mans-style start, dash across the course, grab a pig from a pen, hand-crank their Model T racers, jump in and do a lap. That's a thing, and it's not even the… » 3/03/14 8:24pm 3/03/14 8:24pm

Monster Riding Mower Could Kick Off Wave Of New Discovery Channel Shows

Monster Mower? Why yes, thank you. This beast looks like a creation which leapt, fully formed, from the mind of Home Improvement » 8/26/08 3:20pm 8/26/08 3:20pm's power crazed Tim Taylor. More power! Huge tires! Car smashing burnouts! Yes, yes, oh God yes. Hey let's see if it floats! Yee-haw — it does! This baby is the ultimate fishing platform and…

Drunk Drives Lawn Mower in Ill-Fated Booze Run

Sometimes it's so easy to be proud of your fellow statesmen. Let's say you live in Adrian, Michigan, your wife has taken the car, you have run out of wine, and there's a snowstorm raging outside. What would you do? If you were Frank Kozumplik, you would hop on your John Deere lawn mower and drive down the middle of… » 1/29/08 10:30am 1/29/08 10:30am

Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising! Where The Real Money On MowZilla Is Made

We've dropped love to MowZilla before, but if you didn't see it before, it's "...the Original Nitrous powered push lawn mower! It is equipped with a nitrous purge, a Cherry Bomb muffler, K&N airfilter and NOS Powershot with 20lb bottle!" Sounds sweet, right? Yeah, and that's why we wanted to drop an update on the… » 5/01/06 7:55am 5/01/06 7:55am

Hello, Mowto: Lawnmower Racing Tosses Turf, Bad Puns

We've always dreamed of owning a Honda riding mower stuffed with a CBR XX Blackbird motor in it. Unfortunately, right now we're a bit short short of acreage in the lawn department. Plus, the thing would probably eliminate more grass with its rear tires than it would with the blade. But still, boys dream of one day… » 7/28/05 12:55pm 7/28/05 12:55pm