There Are Much Worse Places To Do Laundry Than The Nürburgring

I hate doing laundry so much that I usually drop it off somewhere and make a wash-and-fold joint do it. All that waiting and sitting at home. Grooooan. One spectator at the Nürburgring figured out how to make laundry tolerable, though: she set up right outside one of the turns at the 24 Hours race. » 5/18/15 10:37am 5/18/15 10:37am

Road Sign Visibility? That's Nobody's Business but the Turks'.

Residents of Tokat, Turkey, are washing their clothes in a small stream and then hanging them on road signs on the Tokat-Sivas highway to dry. Needless to say, this creates a bit of a problem for motorists travelling through the area, as pertinent road-condition information is rendered invisible. An area woman… » 7/21/05 11:35am 7/21/05 11:35am