The Booth Professionals of the 2008 Guangzhou International Auto Show

As a result of covering an auto show »11/21/08 7:30pm11/21/08 7:30pm or in our time, we've become veritable connoisseurs regarding the mistresses of motors we lovingly refer to as Booth Professionals. We've brought you delightful displays of debutantes from far away locations such as , , and . Apologies for the blurry nature of a few of these…

Lamborghini Opens Las Vegas Boutique Featuring Italian Models Of All Types

We find it absolutely fitting Lamborghini has opened up a new Las Vegas showroom complete with its first Lamborghini fashion boutique right inside. Why? We've been thinking about it, hard, and there may be no car brand and city more made for each other than Lamborghini and Las Vegas. Gaudy, brash, over the top,… »8/13/08 12:30pm8/13/08 12:30pm

U.S. Receives First Street Legal Koenigsegg, Let The Tickets Begin!

Where else would the first street legal Koenigsegg CCX end up than swinging Las Vegas? The great thing about bringing the car to Vegas is that if you accidentally marry a tranny stripper one night you can just take the CCX to its top speed of 245 mph and go back in time to prevent the nuptials (and whatever else… »12/12/07 2:30pm12/12/07 2:30pm

SEMA Show: How Can You Sell Tires If You Don't Have Any Booth Babes?

As Jalopnik photographer-of-the-star-cars Curtis Walker was want to tell us — there are rules for booth babes at SEMA. Apparently, this stuff doesn't just happen by chance — and here's his explanation of where you'll find the booth babes, what they'll be wearing and why — and all with a helpful reference gallery below:
»11/06/06 1:00pm11/06/06 1:00pm

Hook 'Em When They're Young: GM's Hooking Up College Journalists With Trips To Vegas, Baby, Vegas

The General's West Coast PR maven Diedra Wylie, in an e-mail to reporters and editors of a number of university newspapers, offered a free trip to Vegas this past weekend — with ten Universities reportedly accepting the trip. The program reportedly focused "on car customization culture which is relevant to young… »9/11/06 9:37am9/11/06 9:37am

We Love the Smell of Recovered Vehicles in the Morning: Robert Duvall Busts Auto Theft Ring in Vegas

There are at least three guys who won't be going surfing for a while due to the efforts of Lt. Robert Duvall of the LVPD. The Sin City cop and his cohorts busted an auto theft ring and recovered 1.9 million bucks worth of stolen vehicles. The thieves are implicated in at least eight carjackings, plus a number of… »8/10/06 1:30am8/10/06 1:30am