Jeff Gordon Smashes NASCAR Pole Record At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Good news for Gordon fans: he's not only on pole, but he set a Sprint Cup track record for Las Vegas Motor Speedway doing it. According to USA Today, Gordon's car hit a speed of 194.679 mph in a 27.738-second lap of the 1.5-mile speedway. I wouldn't be surprised if the back end of his car is now plaid. » 3/07/15 9:13am 3/07/15 9:13am

Jalopnik, Gamers Toss Tesla Roadster Sport Around Racetrack

By far the best piece of consumer electronics we tried at CES was the all-electric Tesla Roadster Sport brought to the show for winners of a Dark Void contest. Not quite as cool as a jetpack but certainly less dangerous. » 1/10/10 1:30pm 1/10/10 1:30pm

Rhys Millen Looks, Doesn't Touch

No need for a Zapruder-type Obama defense as drift king Rhys Millen's obviously checking out a bikini-clad booth professional in this video earlier this month from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Hey Rhys, less time looking at flora and fauna, eh? » 7/20/09 3:45pm 7/20/09 3:45pm