Why SEMA Might Not Actually Suck This Year

This upcoming week brings us the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Show, commonly known as SEMA, held each autumn in Las Vegas. For years it's been a bit of a weird boondoggle, almost trying to appeal to everybody and yet nobody at once. This year, though, it might have finally aged into a nice vintage. » 11/02/13 12:44pm 11/02/13 12:44pm

Now There's A Party Bus That Will Inject You With Magical Fluids To…

Not that you have ever, ever overindulged on alcohol, but if you had, you'd know that it can result in some serious pain the next day. Fortunately, a company in Las Vegas is pioneering a new, extremely convenient way to help you recover quickly from your retched suffering. Hangover Heaven promises to rid you of your… » 4/12/12 10:45am 4/12/12 10:45am

Man Wants To Build Exact Copy Of Nürburgring... In Nevada

Since the greater Las Vegas area only has a copy of Paris, New York, Venice, and alien-occupied ancient Egypt, it's still a good ways away from having a copy of all of Earth's good stuff. Luckily, Bruton Smith, CEO of Speedway Motorsports, is working to fix that, starting with a copy of the Nürburgring. » 3/08/12 9:30am 3/08/12 9:30am