Corvette Chase By LAPD Ends With Horrific Crash, Shooting

A driver being pursued in Los Angeles for a possible DUI and reckless driving was killed last night after an intense crash followed by a shooting at the hands of police officers. It's not immediately clear what caused the cops to fire their weapons, but fair warning, the video above is quite graphic. » 12/14/13 9:05am 12/14/13 9:05am

LAPD To Test Electric Motorcycles Thanks To Motocrossing Police Chief

First it was big, badass Harley-Davidsons. Then it was sleek, high-tech BMWs. But the next phase in police motorcycle evolution may not use gas at all. The Los Angeles Police Department is currently testing several electric motorcycles in an effort to increase efficiency and cut costs. » 10/09/13 11:38am 10/09/13 11:38am

Nissan GTR Driver Wanted By LAPD In Fatal Hit&Run Incident

The owner of a grey Nissan GTR is wanted by the LAPD for his involvement in a fatal hit&run accident. That accident claimed the life of 90 y/o Joo Yoon as he crossed the intersection at Vermont and Sixth Street. Yoon was struck as he crossed the street by bicycle, the video below shows the incident in it entirety.… » 7/24/13 8:42pm 7/24/13 8:42pm

Women Get $4.2 Million After Truck Shot By LAPD During Manhunt

You'll recall that the Los Angeles Police Department made a few, um, errors in judgement during their massive manhunt for Christopher Dorner earlier this year, perhaps chief among them shooting at a truck driven by two innocent women. Now those women have received $4.2 million for their trouble. » 4/24/13 9:28am 4/24/13 9:28am

LAPD To Women: Sorry For Shooting You, Here's A New Truck

Most of you were rightfully incredulous over the Los Angeles Police Department's shooting of two innocent women following a case of mistaken truck identity during their search for alleged killer ex-cop Christopher Dorner. How did the cops mistake the women's blue Toyota Tacoma for Dorner's gray Nissan Titan? Why did… » 2/10/13 12:30pm 2/10/13 12:30pm

LA County Police Compete to Impound Cars

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies have reportedly conducted a competition to see which could impound the most vehicles in one day. The Associated Press reports that the contest was organized to increase morale and motivation within the department. "Operation Any Booking" also included competitions for questioning… » 10/04/07 12:45pm 10/04/07 12:45pm

LAPD Stops Unlicensed Driver Vehicle Impounds

The LA Times reports that the Los Angeles Police Department has imposed a moratorium on impounding the motor vehicles of unlicensed drivers. Citing a pending Oregon case, City Councilman Jose Huizar was concerned the practice of impounding vehicles may be unconstitutional, and pressed the LAPD to examine their former… » 8/30/07 1:45pm 8/30/07 1:45pm

Suddenly Schadentuesday: Sickly, Anorexic Dopehead, Pseudo-Celebrity…

When the po po found her, Richie was parked facing the wrong way in the carpool lane, high on grass and Vicodin while gabbing calmly on her cell phone. Lord how we love Los Angeles. However, we also use the 134 through Glendale/Burbank all the live-long time and very well might have been headed in the right direction… » 12/12/06 4:11pm 12/12/06 4:11pm

The Benz Is The Problem: More On The Paris Hilton DUI

The New York Times/AP are reporting Paris Hilton was driving her Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren torque monster when she was pulled over by LAPD last night for "erratic driving." We're surprised the spokes-whore of Hollywood's hawtest celeb-whore, Elliot Mintz, hasn't yet implicated the car in the DUI yet — because if you… » 9/07/06 10:15am 9/07/06 10:15am