There Is A Season, Turn, Turn: Switching Lanes The Safe Way

We love technological innovations. Everything from butt warmers, anti-fog windshields and iPod connectors. If it's able to help make your drive more comfy — we're all for it. We've got a corollary to that as well — and that's technology helping you drive more safely. Like this little toy called LaneFX — made by… » 6/02/06 3:04pm 6/02/06 3:04pm

Lane Change Nanny: Iteris's Award-Winning Lane Departure System

Forget to use your turn signal? Prepare to be pecked to death by tiny, fierce, flu-suffering hummingbirds. Ok, maybe not. Maybe your lane-change transgression will earn you a spot in the looney bin, after having been beeped and vibrated into a meltdown by Iteris's latest driver-assistance invention — the explicitly… » 7/19/05 3:56pm 7/19/05 3:56pm