Happy Crash! China To Begin Crash Testing Cars

According to China Daily, the Chinese government's gonna do crash tests of their own. We think it sounds like a great idea, and we vote a crash-off between the Chery four-door and the Geely four-door. Given that no Chinese automaker has yet developed a car that can meet US and European safety standards, and if it… » 8/28/06 6:16pm 8/28/06 6:16pm

Belgian Landwind Hullabaloo

We reported a couple of days ago that Belgian dealers are in big trouble because Belgian officials won't certify American cars for sale, causing them to suffer a three-thousand-euro markup when imported via Germany. One can talk about the relative safety merits of American cars vis a vis say, those of Sweden, but… » 12/01/05 10:42pm 12/01/05 10:42pm

Follow-Up on China's Landwind Crash-Test Fiasco

China's JiangLing motors will take another shot at the European market, following catastrophic crash-test results of its bargain-basement Landwind 4x4, which mushroomed into a public relations meltdown. Now, the company is fitting the models with frame reinforcements, a redesigned steering column and modified fuel… » 10/25/05 9:00am 10/25/05 9:00am

More on The Great Landwind Crash-Test Fiasco of 2005

Woo. Those poor crash test dummies on the Landwind account deserve at least a round of drinks and, more likely, a complete reconditioning. According to tests recently done by Germany's ADAC auto club, referring the Chinese SUV "junk" would be an insult to the legendary fishing boats of Hong Kong. What does a zero… » 9/19/05 9:43am 9/19/05 9:43am

Chinese SUV Scores Zero in European Safety Test

On the eve of its UK launch, the JiangLing Landwind 4x4 has been rated zero in safety tests, making it not only the first China-built car to be sold in Europe, but also the most unsafe vehicle in 20 years of testing by German auto club ADAC. In fact, the club said the Landwind, outwardly a virtual 1997 Honda Passport… » 9/19/05 7:16am 9/19/05 7:16am