Open House of Velocity and Tradition

The worst of Los Angeles must often be endured to find the best of what makes Southern California great. The reward for fighting a brutal snarl of typical eastbound Friday afternoon Los Angeles traffic was the So-Cal Speed Shop Open House. The history that began with Alex Xydias after World War Two is still being… » 6/18/07 12:00pm 6/18/07 12:00pm

300+ MPH Buckeye Bullet Hydrogen Fuel Cell Streamliner

A group of Ohio State University students are hoping to break the 300 mile per hour mark at Speed Week this August - using hydrogen. The Buckeye Bullet 2 will make history as first hydrogen fuel cell land speed streamliner to hit the long black line. The Buckeye Bullet 1 was the first electric vehicle to break the… » 5/11/07 2:15pm 5/11/07 2:15pm

Star of Soviet Land Speed Record Car

To forever put forth the collected might of the Soviet into the history of speed and worker achievement came the mighty Zvezda-1, which means star in Russian. The two-stroke two-cylinder engine at the heart of this 1948 streamliner featured something known as undoubled pistons. This undoubling somehow employed one… » 5/01/07 7:00pm 5/01/07 7:00pm

Last Chance for 2007 Land Speed Record Tires

From a tiny karting carcass to a huge slick designed to go from a standing start to 300 plus miles per hour in under five seconds, tires are a crucial part of any racing machine. Tires are of particular concern on LSR monsters - especially those of the wheel-driven variety. Streamliners moving into and beyond the 300… » 4/18/07 3:30pm 4/18/07 3:30pm

The World's Fastest Small Block Chevy?

The Nish Streamliner is designed to be the world's fastest Chevy small block-powered vehicle. Designed to run 425 mph on the salt, the flaming purple arrow is 27 feet long and weighs only 2750 lbs. A fiberglass body shell wraps around a 4130 chromoly tube frame, while various Klein-built SBC's can be wedged between… » 11/04/05 5:42pm 11/04/05 5:42pm