Land Rover LRX Heading To Production, Hybrid Model Possible

According to AutoCar sources, the three-door Land Rover LRX concept is heading to production. Will it make it to production as a three-door or five-door model? Also, what of hybrid rumors? » 3/11/09 1:30pm 3/11/09 1:30pm

Detroit Auto Show: Land Rover LRX Concept Details Continues to Leak out…

Apparently the Tuetonic magazine site of auto motor und sport didn't quite get the memo sent out by Land Rover on images of the Detroit-bound LRX concept car from the brand still very much tied to Henry Ford's baby in Dearborn, MI. They've put out ten shots of the new concept along with a whole mess of info about it… » 12/13/07 8:15am 12/13/07 8:15am