Land Rover Is Putting Its New Discovery On The 'Ring And Oh God The Screaming

There are certain cars that should not be put on the Nurburgring. Not because it’s morally wrong or anything, but because there’s no point. Land Rover is coming out with a new Discovery soon, and it apparently wanted to put it around the ‘Ring. Watch it wallow, hear it scream, and then let’s never speak of this again.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The Discovery name is back in the US once again, but this time it’s not the boxy, big-windowed, tall box that we now call the LR here in the states. The Discovery name (appended by ‘Sport’ as in ‘sportcoat’, maybe?) is applied to Land Rover’s entry-level offering, a crossover-sized, sleek looking SUV that somehow…