Land Rover Discovery Sport: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The Discovery name is back in the US once again, but this time it’s not the boxy, big-windowed, tall box that we now call the LR here in the states. The Discovery name (appended by ‘Sport’ as in ‘sportcoat’, maybe?) is applied to Land Rover’s entry-level offering, a crossover-sized, sleek looking SUV that somehow…

Enthusiasts Found A Way To Revive The Legendary Camel Trophy Expedition

Land Rover used to run an intense annual cross-country driving challenge to show off the capabilities of their 4x4s. We’re talking long slogs epic landscape panoramas and lots of digging in the mud. A real event hasn’t been hosted in years, but some creative fans found a practical way to bring it back.

Land Rover Range Rover: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Put simply, the current Range Rover is the best SUV in the world. It can go anywhere, it can do so very quickly, and it can do so while offering you and your passengers the utmost level of comfort and luxury. What do you need to know before you buy a Ranger Rover? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything right here in…


How ICON Uses Obsessive Modern Design to Build Gorgeous Vintage Trucks

Icon 4x4 builds Frankenstein vehicles—off-road trucks that meld modern mechanicals with vintage bodywork to create jaw-dropping machines. As founder Jonathan Ward showed off two of his creations to us, it became clear: These aren’t just hot-rods; they’re architecture, fashion, and industrial design rolled into…