Spy Photos: More on the 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser

Broad-daylight testing of the next Toyota Land Cruiser in sundry, sultry sultinates continues, apparently unabated by impromptu drifting contests or sandal surfing. New images showed up today courtesy of Carscoop. They're showing an undisguised Cruiser baking in the heat and sucking up the searing sands of Dubai.… » 6/25/07 1:00pm 6/25/07 1:00pm

Spy Photos: 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX 470

If these new spy shots taken in southern Europe indicate what's to come, a leaner, vaguely meaner Toyota Land Cruiser appears to be in the offing. Get past the acreage of gaffer's tape and tar paper, and you can see the extent of the ToMoCo flagship SUV's facelift. Spies say the Cruiser will be entrely new with a more… » 9/26/06 10:34am 9/26/06 10:34am

Oh, Mon! Possible New Toyota Land Cruiser Spotted in Sultanate

Is this the new Toyota Land Cruiser? An Autoblog reader sent in these photos of what may be the next Cruisey, being tested in the Sultanate of Oman. It makes sense, considering that, for hot-weather testing, the Middle East is Asian and European carmakers' version of our own Death Valley. If it is, the new model looks… » 9/13/06 11:15am 9/13/06 11:15am